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Staff Testimonial


K Winder

My favourite thing about working for ACL is that I am trusted to do my job to the best I can. Over the years, I have been supported a lot by ACL, but the support started the day I started. Particularly the support of Managing Director Stephen Murray, which I will never forget. 

I have gone to build relationships throughout the firm, not only with other employees but with Managers. And if I feel if I need them, HR is there for me. 

Lockdown has been difficult on most, but ACL has implemented a permanent stay-at-home base. They try their best to get the employees together, whether this is lunch in the office, staff parties and team meetings.  

What I feel ACL offers those other employers might not is flexibility in the workplace which is extremely important to me as a mother of two young children. If ACL did not offer the flexibility that they do, I would not be able to work full time.  My favourite memories of working for ACL were many years ago when we would have dress-down Fridays, bake sales and Fridge Fridays; where at the end of the day everybody would get together with a meeting in the breakout room and relax with a drink.

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