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Bethany Strickland – Training Contract

Given the aspirational nature of most people’s career goals, the journey to professional attainment is rarely short and usually demands a high degree of dedication and effort to complete.

Welcome to our new website!

We’ve recently undergone a website refresh to make it easier for our clients to understand the claims process and get the help they need.

Employer’s Liability

In terms of public perception, road traffic and workplace accident claims sit at the polar opposites of personal injury law. 

ACL to share in £13.5 million investment in Spirant

An eight-figure funding deal secured by an alliance of international businesses will secure the future prosperity of the Spirant Group.

What can I claim for following an E-scooter accident?

Avoid financial anxiety by letting our legal professionals take care of your claim while you take care of your recovery.

Stephen Murray: Run Diary

My Namibia Run Diary for the Inclusive Hub. By Stephen Murray, Managing Director of Accident Claims Lawyers UK.

Stephen Murray, Namibia Ultra Marathon

Stephen Murray is preparing for an extreme physical challenge by tackling a 250km foot race across the arid terrains of southern Africa.

Five things you can do to make yourself safer on the road: E-scooter

Whilst it is legal to buy an e-scooter, there are limitations on where they can be used. Here are 5 things you can do to make yourself safer.

E-scooters – a cool, convenient and eco-friendly way to commute or a modern-day menace and fast-track to casualty? 

The UK's Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety attributed 47 head traumas and 133 serious injuries to the e-scooters in 2021.

Front-line Medical Worker, Testimonial

The Bank Holiday began relatively unremarkably, but ended with her lying in a bed at the hospital she should have been working in.

Changes to the Highway Code

Old habits die hard – a truism Britain’s road users will do well to remember following the recent roll-out of the revamped Highway Code.

Stephen Murray, Managing Director

“I take pride in the fact that others want to work with me and am someone people are happy to be led by.” Stephen Murray, Managing Director

Cab it this Christmas

With Christmas 2020 characterised by Covid cancellations, the clamour for festive parties a year on is palpable.

Ministry of Justice: Reforms

On any given Saturday, amateur football coaches can be found stalking sidelines and shouting at their teams to “keep it simple”.

Contributory Negligence – Should case leaders be thinking how to establish full liability first and apportionment second?

Should practitioners think twice when considering whether to take a child case even where a higher standard of care is expected of the driver?

Liverpool’s Accident Claims Lawyers UK Shortlisted for Prestigious Legal Award

Accident Claims Lawyers UK is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted in this year’s prestigious Law Society Awards.

How can I tell who was at fault for an accident?

The basic rule for personal injury is that compensation may be available to you for an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Whiplash portal guide under fire – will claimants lose out?

The guide has in some quarters been described as “about as easily digestible as a pound of lead”.

SGI Legal rebrands as Accident Claims Lawyers

Personal injury specialists SGI Legal are pivoting to a new brand identity as Accident Claims Lawyers (ACL), as part of their strategic plan.

Whiplash reforms are confirmed, what does this mean?

The updates to the Civil Liability Act are now finally expected to come into effect in May, to the disappointment of many.

What is happening with the whiplash reforms?

Previously due to take effect in April, the government have once again stalled the Whiplash reforms for implementation in May 2021.
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